Radiant Philadelphia wedding photography celebrating delicate details, lingering glances, and timeless romance with a daring twist


A burst of laughter from your bridesmaids lounging on the bridal suite couches with glittering glasses of prosecco. The gentle swish of your Vera Wang wedding gown as you take your first step down the aisle. Your groom's uncontainable burst of joy as he catches his first sight of you on the day you say, “I do.” These moments—the ones that mean the world on the best day of your life—are here and gone in a blink. But with a photography experience that blends sincerity of emotion with stylistic artistry, you’ll be able to relive them all in vivid clarity. Forever.



Whether you’ve chosen to adorn your hair with pearls or dance the night away in a bold, backless gown, you want to plan a wedding day that’s top-to-bottom unique to you. Something your family and friends have never seen before—something they’ll never forget. And with all that attention to detail poured into your celebration, of course you want to make sure it’s documented with care! But can you have everything you want without two decades of modeling experience or feeling like a cardboard cutout of yourself?

You can! With my blend of meticulous care from years spent as a fashion photographer (more on that later!) and a fun-loving personality that keeps couples coming back for more, I can ensure you have it all! And whether you want to trade Peloton usernames, grab cocktails on the 59th floor of The Four Seasons, or introduce me to your pet hedgehog (it’s happened!), I’m here for it. Because I’m here for you! 

Bringing a fashion photographer’s eye and a playful presence to your exquisitely-planned wedding day

Hey, there! I’m Abbe.


"We feel so blessed to have met Abbe. She was an absolute joy to work with! "

Her vibrant personality and contagious energy made taking pictures a blast! We can’t thank her enough for everything she did to make our day so special. From helping with day of timeline, being extremely flexible based on the weather and helping with some of the last minute details, our wedding at Cescaphe would not have been a success without her! We are so grateful to have her and can’t wait for her to photograph our next adventures! 

lauren b.

“We didn't want our wedding day to be treated like a photo shoot.”

It was so important for us to be in the moment that day rather than being pulled aside every minute for a picture. Abbe completely understood what we were looking for and never pressured us to take any photos that we didn't want to or pulled us away from our day. She caught every shot that we wanted without making our wedding feel like a photo shoot!

From the moment you book, until you see your entire wedding day captured in luminous photography, my primary focus is on you—your needs, your dreams, and your joy. Need a midnight pep-talk two weeks before the big day because the stress of planning is starting to get to you? I’m a phone call away! Need help puzzling together an impossible timeline that prioritizes sincerity over staged moments? I’ve got you covered! Scared of looking like a scarecrow when you pose? Don’t worry; that’s what I’m here for. 


A Philadelphia wedding photography experience that prioritizes genuine emotion and your joy

Then, it’s time to book a call! With just a brief consultation (I know you’re busy planning the party of the century, so we won’t be long), we’ll ensure we’re a perfect fit and answer your remaining questions. And don’t worry, we usually begin these calls as strangers and end up watching Sam Smith music videos together or something by the end, so I promise it won’t be painful! I can’t wait to get to know you as we begin the adventure to “I do.”

Ready to book a Philadelphia wedding photography experience as well-tailored as your fiancé's tux?