I’ve always felt drawn to human relationships. Not in a like serial-dater sense! More like, “How can I build a career around celebrating this?” 

The openness. The wildness. The sincerity. The irreplaceability of one person for another. The relationships we share are a magic all their own. So, from a psychology master’s program to art school to a career in fashion photography, I’ve always trusted that tug. I’ve never been one of those photographers who needs to go on a camping trip to, you know, photograph bison or something. For me, it’s always been about people. Real, raw, radiant people. And in 2014, that pull sent me flying into the world of luxury wedding photography!

With a passion for life I discovered after overcoming a rare illness while still counting my age on two hands, I chase the most intricate, vibrant, heartfelt wedding celebrations up and down the East Coast. And with a style as genuine as my open-book personality, I deliver timeless galleries that capture the magic that drew me irresistibly to document veils and vows.

When I’m not capturing love stories, I’m probably editing my latest gallery (while binging a true-crime podcast, of course!), heading to a concert with my girls, or grabbing the best sushi in town with the hubs. But even when I’m mid-sing-shout at a Lady Gaga concert, I’m always just a text away for the couples I’m so fortunate to serve. Because those relationships—the help-I-need-a-pep-talk or hell-yes-I-found-the-dress relationships—with my kindhearted couples are what make this job a dream.


I was in a friend's wedding last year, and Abbe cracked me up and worked so well with the bridal party that I asked for her card before the reception even started! I knew we needed a photographer who's openly very passionate, engaged, and encouraged us to just be our goofy selves. The pictures from our engagement shoot just show our personalities and really capture us as a couple. 

“Abbe is so easy to get to know and be around, and it feels like I've known her forever.”

You don’t have to be a model to feel like one

My Philosophy

What bride or groom doesn’t want to feel like they belong on a magazine cover on their wedding day? 

For most couples, that feels more out of reach than a top ten spot on the Peloton leaderboard. But I believe—no, I know—that with the right preparation, direction, and confidence-boosting “that’s amazing!”s, any couple can look as naturally elegant as the models I used to photograph for InStyle and Vogue! The secret: a relationship. Sensing a theme here? 

Just like the magic that drew me to this industry and the magic that inspired you to say “yes” when he got down on one knee, the secret something-something that turns OK photos into ones you’ll hang on your wall for decades, is a relationship with your photographer. By laying a foundation of trust, communication, and humor from day one, I deliver an experience for my couples that brings out their best on the day that matters most. 

So, let’s build the kind of relationship I share with my closest friends: relentlessly honest, always encouraging, and filled with laughter…and maybe a dirty martini or two. As we begin the journey to “I do,” let’s find the humanity in each other that goes beyond learning your wedding colors and where you’ll recite your vows. Let’s really get to know each other as we build a relationship that will lead to wedding photos that leave you speechless. 

Save your date!


If you’re feeling my unique vision for relationship-centered wedding photography, let’s get the ball rolling! I only book a limited number of weddings each year, and my calendar fills quickly. So, let’s dive right in!