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Fall Maternity Photos at Valley Forge Park


While it may seem that I predominately shoot weddings, one of my many passions is capturing those mama-to-be’s. Maternity photos are more than just photos, but it’s a time of remembrance. A time to honor this bundle of joy that you will be welcoming into the world. It’s empowerment and transformation and to be honest… it’s freakin’ fun. When Kaeli and Jack reached out to me to capture this special moment for them. A moment that would change their life forever, I immediately said yes. This is their story of their Fall Maternity Photos at Valley Forge Park.

A little back story…

Kaeli found out she was pregnant back in April of 2021. Both Kaeli and her husband, Jack, were living California at the time. They also knew they wanted to be back with their families on the East Coast before the baby was born. In late August, they packed up their belongings & 2 dogs and drove 2,693 miles back home to Philadelphia. At the time, Kaeli was 6 months pregnant so while it wasn’t the most comfortable car ride it definitely was a great story to tell her daughter one day. Although there are many obstacles when it comes to being pregnant (uhm hello morning sickness), Kaeli still wanted to document this special time which in came me! For 9 months Kaeli had pretty much been living in sweatpants for the past few months, she absolutely deserved to be prepped and glammed for a session of her own.

Fall Maternity Photos at Valley Forge Park

One of my favorite locations for really any session in Valley Forge National Park. The park is located on 3,500 acres of land filled with monuments, meadows and gardens. The beauty and architecture makes for the perfect spot for photoshoots because it really can speak for itself. As soon as Kaeli and Jack arrived, I was beyond ecstatic. Kaeli came dressed in this gorgeous pink maternity gown from Pink Blush Maternity that looked just beautiful on her. Kaeli was glowing and while we can’t entirely put the cause of it on that “pregnancy glow” I can assume that it helped a little bit.

Since it was close to December, the weather wasn’t the most ideal. Actually it was in the mid 40’s but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes! I try to make my couples feel as comfortable as possible, so I may crack a few jokes here and there to lighten the mood. I must have been on a kick though, because Kaeli and Jack were giggling so much that I thought their jaws would fall off.

Why should you take maternity photos?

When getting your photos professionally taken, it can be incredibly nerve-wracking. Especially for all you soon to be mama’s out there, the last thing that you’re probably thinking is dressing up and getting your photos taken. Let me you though, that out of all the couples that I’ve shot maternity sessions for… NONE of them have regretted it. Why you may ask? It’s because through all of the pain or discomfort that you may feel in this moment, when you look back on your photos with that bundle of joy in your arms it’s all worth it. Bringing another life into this world is a beautiful and special moment that should be cherished for years to come. Share these images with your future children & family. Hang it in your house or put it in a scrapbook. All to remember this beautiful time that quite literally changed your life forever.

As we got closer to the end of our session, while I was sad to say goodbye I was even more excited to head home and edit these photos for them. The vibrant tones and knowing that Kaeli and Jack will hold onto these images forever brings me so much joy. I am honored to have been there to capture such special memories for them.

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