Sailboat Engagement Session in Annapolis, Maryland


I am a strong believer in doing whatever you want for your engagement photos. Whether you keep it cozy with an in-home session or go out on the town to your favorite bar or restaurant. The point is, the options are endless. What is most important is that your engagement photos are a representation of you and your partner’s love story and have you feeling and looking amazing. This can also look like heading on a sailboat, which is exactly what Erica and Nick did. Along came the Philadelphia Wedding Photographer to document this sailboat engagement session in Annapolis, Maryland and it was pure bliss. With the sound of water crashing alongside the boat and the beautiful breeze, Erica and Nick looked absolutely amazing and straight out of a magazine.

Erica and Nick’s Sailboat Engagement Session in Annapolis, MD

Now, I have a confession to make… I have never done an engagement session on a sailboat before this one. I know, I know… but listen it’s not every day that your couple wants to jet off onto the water as a celebration for their engagement. When Erica and Nick suggested this idea, I was all for it and hit the road. We made our way to this gorgeous marina where I met up with Erica and Nick for their sailboat engagement session. Erica and Nick had rented the sailboat for these engagement photos. They both love water and wanted to do something a bit different for their engagement session. Boy, did this session turn out better than I ever could have imagined.

Together, these two looked absolutely phenomenal. Erica wore this insanely beautiful baby blue dress while Nick kept things very neutral and classic. It definitely felt a bit like a movie at times. Surely Erica and Nick were also able to feel like they were living in their own romantic comedy.

Tips For A Sailboat Engagement Session

As much as we want to admit that a sailboat engagement session seems like a fantastic idea, there’s a bit of prep that goes into it. Here are a few tips that I’ve learned along the way to help prepare you for what is to come:

  • Good Weather – Make sure you’re choosing a date for your engagement session with good weather. The last thing you want is to get on the water, it starts raining and the water gets too rocky. Keep up-to-date with the weather and reschedule your engagement session if you need to
  • Outfits – Make sure that you and your partner choose outfits that are not only comfortable but are suitable for a sailboat engagement session. Essentially you can wear whatever you would like to your engagement session, however, keep in mind that wind is a major factor when you’re out on the water!
  • Choose A Photographer Equipped For A Boat – Not every photographer will have the capacity to stand on a boat while it’s rocking back and forth. So make sure you disclose this idea with your photographer prior to hiring them. Just to make sure this is something that they are comfortable with.

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