Spring Rooftop Engagement Photos in Downtown Philly


Nothing beats Spring rooftop engagement photos in Downtown Philly like the ones with Sandy and Khoa. One important aspect of their engagement shoot was to make sure there were no outwardly typical engagement poses. Instead, Sandy and Khoa wanted their engagement session to feel artsy with a lot of movement and less staged. You don’t have to tell me twice! This rooftop engagement session was the perfect in-between ground with stunning views of Downtown Philly and plenty of space to incorporate natural movement.

Sandy & Khoa’s Love Story

Having been together for 11 years, their love story starts a while back. They attended high school together but never connected until years later in 2013. Both of them had grown up tremendously, leading to one direct message later the two were meeting up for coffee. What originally was supposed to be a quick coffee chat about motorcycles and Jiu-Jitsu, turned into a love chain that couldn’t be broken. Sandy and Khoa began bonding over Muay Thai and yoga and quickly the two fell in love.

After years of being together, traveling the world, and acquiring two of the world’s cutest pups, it was time to take that next leap forward. While on a trip up the Pacific Coast Highway, Khoa popped the question. It was the easiest yes for Sandy and one that has since changed their lives forever.

Downtown Philadelphia Rooftop Engagement Photos with Sandy & Khoa

For this Spring engagement session in Downtown Philly, we wanted to get that more urban feel. The city views in Downtown Philadelphia can be absolutely breathtaking, so naturally heading somewhere with tons of space to run around and get creative was a must. Both Sandy and Khoa were two very go-with-the-flow kind of people. We wanted to make sure that the final end product of these rooftop engagement photos told a story, rather than relying on props. Luckily, the only prop we need for a good engagement sesh is a nice bottle of champagne.

Sandy wore this STUNNING pink flowy dress from Milla while Khoa kept this chic and classic with a Calvin Klein suit. In order to have couples feel comfortable in front of the camera, giving prompts such as “chase her and don’t let him catch you” are some great ways to incorporate movement throughout your shoot. Eagerly I ran home to edit these and I’ve got to tell you, these are some of my all-time favorite engagement photos I have ever taken. What do you think?

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