Pennsylvania Wedding Venue Spotlight: Cairnwood Estate


You know how there are some wedding venues that completely take your breath away? The kinds of wedding venues that you can only dream about having the opportunity to step into? Well that my friends, is Cairnwood Estate. This beautiful wedding venue pulls history from the Gilded Age which makes it one of the most intricately designed wedding venues that I’ve ever had the pleasure of being in. This wedding venue is the perfect location if you’re looking for luxury.

The History

Pennsylvania Wedding Venue Spotlight: Cairnwood Estate

Cairnwood Estate was built was in 1895. Originally what was built to be a family home, it soon took a different turn. Since the death of the John Pitcairn, the one who built this estate, Cairnwood Estate has undergone a massive transformation. Although the transformation to maintain the grounds was huge, it still maintained its beauty and history that it once had from its original construction. Today, the estate now is a national landmark and is sought-after by many to see what’s beyond the four walls.

The Grounds of Cairnwood Estate

Pennsylvania Wedding Venue Spotlight: Cairnwood Estate

Cairnwood Estate prides itself on its beautiful and luxurious grounds. Ones that might I add are absolutely breathtaking to take photos on. The effort that the Cairnwood Estate landscapers take to ensure that the beauty of this beautiful estate is well kept is impeccable. Manicured lawns, winding paths and a surrounding forest are just some of the key beauties of this magnificent estate.

The Design of Cairnwood Estate

One of the key standout features of Cairnwood Estate of course, is the architecture and design. The architecture, decor and design from the inside out truly make you feel transported to another world. The Cairnwood Estate pulls inspiration from Greek and Roman architecture while mixing in a bit of French Renaissance. From there, you get it’s unique moldings and stonework that make you feel like you’re in a European palace. All nestled within the beautiful Pennsylvania, who knew?!

Pennsylvania Wedding Venue Spotlight: Cairnwood Estate

After being closed off to the public for major construction, the Cairnwood Estate opened up its doors and is available for events and weddings. This beautiful estate is exactly what you need if you’re wanting to have that fairytale princess wedding that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a kid.

The estate is 26,000 square feet with outdoor fountain gardens, 40 ft long covered veranda and a 110 ft. terrace. Within the four walls of the Cairnwood Estate, there are six historic rooms on the first floor. The Great Hall, Living Room, Library, Music Room, Dining Room & Billiard Room. Each with their own unique charm, history and design.


Not only does the Cairnwood Estate have a beautiful exterior for any couples wedding day, the amenities they offer are top tier. Some of those amenities that Cairnwood Estate offers are:

  • 5 Hour Reception Package
  • 250 Guest Capacity
  • ADA Accessible
  • Free Parking
  • 30 Ft. Oak Dance Floor
  • Full Air-Conditioned
  • Flexibly Rescheduling/Cancellation Options

This beautiful estate gives you everything you could ever need to ensure that your wedding day is everything you could ever want. To see more of the amenities that they offer for your wedding day, click here!

Below are just some more photos taken at Cairnwood Estate that just prove how your wedding venue can sometimes do all the talking.

Pennsylvania Wedding Venue Spotlight: Cairnwood Estate

Cairnwood Estate is truly a wedding venue in Pennsylvania that completely steals mine (and a lot of peoples) hearts. With good reason of course! The beauty, the amenities and the grand nature of this estate makes it truly one-of-a-kind. If you’re still in the search for the perfect wedding venue though, check out this blog where I go through all the tips to choose your dream wedding venue.

What are your thoughts on this grand estate?


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