Should You Do A First Look?


Over the years, first looks have grown more and more in popularity.. and with good reason! There are plenty of benefits to having a first look on your wedding day. However, it’s important to decide prior to the actual wedding day. Knowing whether you should do a first look or not is incredibly important especially when it comes to building out your wedding timeline. So if you are sitting there wondering “should I do a first look?” hopefully this will help give you a bit more clarity.

What Is A First Look?

Knowing what a first look is, is the first step. A first look is a designated moment during the wedding day where the couple plan to see each other for the first time. Typically, wedding tradition has it so you don’t see your partner on the wedding day until you’re face to face down the aisle. A lot of people may even look at the first look as “ruining the moment”. However, in my opinion, I think that is just entirely not true. First looks don’t ruin the moment of seeing your partner. In fact, I believe it will not only make your bond with your partner stronger but help enhance your overall wedding experience.

What do you think?

Pros of Doing A First Look


It’s pretty common to experience an overwhelming amount of emotions on the day of your wedding. There is so much going on and everything is coming together all at once, it can be a lot. Even the thought of getting in front of a crowd can make you nervous. Trust me, I get it! Planning to have a first look on your wedding day can help loosen you up and get rid of those wedding day jitters. Especially if you’re someone who is afraid of being in front of people and are wanting to calm your nerves a bit. Then a first look is definitely for you. At the end of the day, it’s all about you and your partner. The moment is all yours and reminding yourself that you’re not going through these emotions alone will help you a ton.


Your wedding day will absolutely feel like it just flew by. So many couples tell me that it feels like their wedding day passed them in the blink of an eye. There are so many moving parts and things happening, that it can all be easy to get lost in translation. It’s not uncommon for couples to even say that they barely saw there partner the entire day. I know… let that sink in real quick. Rather than waiting until later in the day to see your partner, which can sometimes be as late as 5 pm, having a first look gives you some more time to spend with them. Designating a moment, such as a first look, on your wedding day gives you and your partner some much-needed alone intimacy and privacy. It brings you both closer to each other, and I believe it intensifies the moment walking down the aisle.


If you’re someone who is absolutely mortified at the thought of sharing personally written vows in front of your wedding guests, don’t worry. That’s where first looks come in! A first look is a perfect opportunity for you to share more personal and intimate notes with your partner. Not everyone wants to share their deepest thoughts in front of their wedding guests, and that’s totally fine. Designating time during your first look for you to share your personal vows with one another makes the moment that much more intimate and special.


If you’re working with a professional wedding photographer…. maybe someone like me…then having a first look can help make the most out of your day! The more moments you have to capture, the more photos you’re going to have to look back on. I mean, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that!

Cons of Doing A First Look


When you choose to have a first look on your wedding day, this will mean that you may need to wake up a bit earlier. You need to make sure that you are given ample amount of time to be able to fit all of the wedding day festivities. That includes having your first look. So if you’re not a morning person, this may be one of your deal breakers on whether or not you should include a first look on your wedding day.


There is that saying that goes “expect the unexpected”, well that applies especially on your wedding day. Anything could happen and most commonly, things can run late! If your hair and makeup were to run late, or anything were to happen prior to your first look to delay time, this can lead to time being cut. Always be prepared for this and include buffer time in your wedding timelines. However, if this still makes you a bit nervous then maybe a first look is not for you


Don’t let anybody (including me) tell you what you should and shouldn’t do on your wedding day. If you’re wanting to stick to a traditional ceremony where you see your partner then, then go for it! Do whatever feels right for you and don’t let others influence or force your decision. At the end of the day, your wedding day is about you and your partner. Do what feels best for you!

So whether you decide to do a first look or not, is entirely dependent on you and your partner. Everyone’s expectations and wants on their wedding day are completely different and that’s totally okay! Just remember that your wedding and what you choose to do on that day is completely up to you. However, if you’re wanting a bit more of the inside scoop of some sweet first-look moments… just click here!

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