Appleford Estate Snowy Winter Engagement


Appleford Estate is a venue I am very familiar with and love! I’ve shot several weddings at Appleford Estate, each one just as beautiful as the last. You can check out Kelly & Gianpaulo’s Appleford Estate wedding here or Sarah & Nathaniel’s Spring wedding at The Appleford Estate here. While I have frequented The Appleford Estate plenty of times during the warm weather, stepping foot at this Pennsylvania wedding venue during the Winter is foreign territory. Gionna and John wanted a breathtaking Winter Wonderland engagement session and that’s exactly what we did! Their Appleford Estate Snowy Winter Engagement was chilly and crisp, but oh so beautiful. If you’re looking to have a prime example of exactly how a Winter engagement session should be, listen up!

Gionna + John’s Love Story

After meeting their Freshman year of high school, 8.5 years later, Gionna and John are still together and THRIVING. They have overcome many trials and tribulations over the past eight years, and each problem and milestone they have conquered. With each of these obstacles, their love was tested and it only continued to strengthen their bond as a couple. After over eight years together, it was time for the two to take the next step.

John popped the question to Gionna on a family vacation in September at Hilton Head, South Carolina. After a beautiful dinner together, they went back to their Airbnb where Gionna was surprised with rose petals and champagne on their deck. An incredible moment that they were able to share with family and of course, Gionna said yes!

Appleford Estate Snowy Winter Engagement with Gionna + John

Gionna and John looked absolutely stunning during their snowy Winter engagement photos at the Appleford Estate. The snow was beaming bright, which provided the perfect amount of lighting for their engagement photos. Together, these two beamed with so much playful and energetic love, it was insane! Although it was quite chilly on this day, Gionna and John were troopers and made withstanding these Pennsylvania winters 100% worth it.

How To Prep For A Snowy Winter Engagement Shoot

There are several ways that you can prep for your snowy engagement shoot. While it may seem as simple as putting on a scarf and some gloves, there is a bit more preparation that you will need to consider. Below are just a few tips that I have learned from my experience as a Philadelphia Wedding Photographer taking snowy engagement photos!

Choose The Right Time Of Day

One thing that many couples forget to think about when planning their snowy winter engagement photos is the time of day. Think about it, the later in the year, the colder and darker it is. The sun begins to set earlier, meaning we have less and less time to work with. That’s why choosing the right time of day for your winter engagement photos is key! Normally, I would recommend shooting more toward mid-day/early afternoon for your winter engagement photos. During a typical day that would bring too much harsh light, but for Winter this is the ideal time of day to get the perfect amount of lighting for your winter engagement photos.

Pick The Right Location

Location is key to getting those beautiful snowy Winter engagement photos. You want to ensure that if you want all the beautiful snow in the backdrop of your photos you are choosing a location that will provide just that! If you don’t have a location in mind, no worries! I am decked out with some of my go-to hidden gem locations that will give you that perfect snowy winter background that you will love!

Remember How You React To The Cold

At the end of the day, you need to face facts and remember how you react to the cold. Are you able to move around and be comfortable while the wind is blowing and there is snow on the ground? If the cold weather bothers you to the point where you can barely move, it will show in your photos. If this is you, having a snowy Winter engagement shoot may not be in the cards for you!

Prep Accordingly (This Includes Clothes + Gear)

Lastly, you want to make sure that you prep accordingly. This does not only include the type of clothes that you were to your snowy Winter engagement shoot but also the items you bring to prep for withstanding cold temperatures. Hot packs and plenty of clothing to keep you warm are just some of the items that I suggest bringing to your winter engagement shoot. You can take breaks and warm up, and even put some hot packs in your shoes to keep your feet warm! Ideally, packing this little emergency kit will suffice during your engagement shoot and keep you nice and toasty, while still delivering beautiful results!

Kind Words From Gionna + John

“I absolutely adored our engagement shoot in Appleford, Pennsylvania on January 20, 2024. Despite the chilly weather and the blanket of snow covering the ground, our experience couldn’t have been more perfect. Abbe Foreman’s talent truly shone through as she captured the essence of our love amidst the winter wonderland backdrop. The cold air and the snow only added to the romantic atmosphere, and Abbe’s skillful direction made us feel completely at ease throughout the shoot. The resulting pictures exceeded all expectations, perfectly encapsulating the joy and excitement of this special time in our lives. We’ll forever treasure these photos as beautiful memories of our engagement, thanks to Abbe’s incredible talent and expertise”

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